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Green Star Coffee is a gourmet specialty coffee roastery. Our slow roasting process has delighted our wholesale and online retail customers for over 5 years and demand is growing.

Organic Firehouse 16 oz. $15.45  Qty: Price:
Organic Decaf Colombian
16 oz.
$15.00  Qty: Price:
Organic Paradisio Blen
16 oz.
$14.00  Qty: Price:
Organic F/T Espresso
16 oz.
$13.75  Qty: Price:
Organic F/T Guatemala
16 oz.
$13.45  Qty: Price:
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All coffee orders are whole bean.

Certified Fair Trade Organic Firehouse Blend - Dark and velvety, this muscular coffee is not for the timid coffee drinker. Blended from Certified Fair Trade Organic French and Double French roasts, this coffee packs an unmistakable punch.

Certified Fair Trade Organic Paradiso Blend - Ideal for any occasion, this blend of our Morning Star and Italian Roast yields a luxurious, deep cup with an exotic texture.

Certified Fair Trade Organic Guatemala - Strictly a hard bean coffee (SHB), our Guatemala has fine acidity, yet full body and vibrant flavor. Grown in the coffee district of Huehuetenango in the northern highlands of Guatemala.

Certified Fair Trade Organic Espresso - Created from the finest Certified Organic and Fair Trade coffee, this masterpiece blend is the most versatile coffee we offer; perfect for espresso, caffè latte, or as a uniquely smooth brewed coffee.

Certified Fair Trade Organic SWP Decaf Colombian Supremo - Our Organic FT SWP Decaf Colombian Supremo is an exceptional that will leave you saying "I cant believe that was decaf!"

The SWISS WATER Process is a 100% chemical free coffee decaffeination process that results in great-tasting decaf. Most other processes use chemical solvents, like methylene chloride, to decaffeinate coffee beans. Conversely, the SWISS WATER Process uses only water when removing caffeine, producing water processed decaf coffee.

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